Laura Trinkwon - A little bit about me

I am a Freelance Artist and Illustrator currently producing a range of Original Paintings which I sell through retailers and privately (so please don't hesitate to contact me if you see anything you like!) I have been painting for as long as I can remember and am self taught.

I have three main styles I love to work with:

  • Illustrative    
  • Fine Art
  • Line Drawing

My favourite medium is watercolour there is something wonderful in the way it flows from brush to paper, but I also paint in Oil, Acrylic and Ink. 

I work in many different styles but usually my imagination gets the better of my and I end up with something that began as a simple drawing but that grew and grew as I continued to put pencil, or paint to paper. My illustrative style is perhaps my most comfortable and the method I can relax in to most whilst creating.

I believe in the beauty of imagination, and love to create things that transport the mind to another place, it could be a place of calm, exciting adventure or pleasure. I like work to create an end result that captures the imagination or inspires a story.

Contact Laura by email: lauratrinkwon@outlook.com

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